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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Sending my billing out of my office makes me a little uncomfortable, what can you do to ease my mind about outsourcing my billing?

A:  Like any change, it can make us feel uneasy at first.  How many times have you had a biller not work out for lack of experience or education?  Look at the benefits of outsourcing your billing.  Keep this cost down with no benefits to pay, raises to give, or constantly paying for this position to be educated on billing changes.  As your billing service, we stay educated at our expense to keep ahead of the competition and our main goal is to serve you.  No more employee turnover.  No more training.  We have a compliance manual and signed contracts on how your work will be accomplished.

Q:  How will I get my information to you?

A:  There are several ways to get your information to our office:  the U.S. Mail, Electronically, Courier Service, or our Fax.  Faxing or emailing to our office means it comes into a confidential area.  In some situations, we may also be able to arrange pick up of your information from you at your office.

Q:  What information do you need to do our billing?

A:  Some of the things necessary to do your billing are:  Copies of superbills or encounter forms signed by the physician with procedure and diagnosis codes.  Office notes for Workers' Compensation or Auto Insurance claims.  Copies of patient information sheet.  Copies of (front/back) insurance cards.  Copies of EOBs (Explanation of Benefits).  Copies of patient payments and any other information that is needed for accurate and prompt processing.  We never accept your original documents, so these would still be kept in your office.  List of providers insurance identification numbers and participating insurance companies will also be needed.

Q:  Where will my payments go?

A:  You are still in control of your money as you always have been.  Payments are sent directly to you and you can immediately deposit them.  You will then forward copies of the EOBs to us for payment posting.

Q:  Can you do more than process my claims?

A:  We are a Full Practice Management Billing Center with a variety of services that can help your staff attend to more important issues.  Please review our Services page for more information.

Q:  We are not in the same state as you, can you still do our billing?

A:  We absolutely can!  In our modern world, technology has paved the way for faxing, email and remote access.  Accurate Medical Billing & Consulting, LLC is ready to do your billing from anywhere in the United States.  Call us today!  We look forward to hearing from you.

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